Are you feeling any of these symptoms?

A little extra irritable

Run down, out of energy

Not feeling good in your workouts

Missing your workouts due to stress/fatigue

Having trouble falling asleep and waking up

A little softer in some places than you remember being


here's the deal.

I just want you to know, first of all, that INDULGING IS OKAY AND ALLOWED! The last two months of the year are just that way. Because you are loved and part of a community, and one way that communities share love and time together is through eating delicious treats, you should get to be part of that experience without experiencing much guilt.

What I see after a period of atypical eating -- in myself and others -- is not making a full return to what we personally consider to be "healthy eating" habits. Sure, we move TOWARD our ideal, but sometimes we're still not eating how we want come February 1. 

The obvious solution: set some intentions -- dare I call them rules -- and over a period of 30 days, begin employing specific strategies for choosing more micronutrient-dense, satisfying, whole foods, and little-to-no processed, junk food-like, highly palatable foods. 

That's a ground-floor description of this Reset. Below are two questions that I would ask next if I were reading this.

30-Day NutritionReset.jpg

How Good Will I Feel in 30 Days?

Of course, it sort of depends on where you're starting.

Chances are you've gotten this far because you are at least a little sure that you can do better, and it will lead to you feeling (even) better, right?

So if your guilty pleasure is eating McDonald's three times per week, or if you feel like you eat really well all the time but aren't feeling or looking the way you expect, this Reset is for you.


  • More energy
  • Better sleep (better sex)
  • Looser clothes!
  • Seeing improvements in your workouts
  • Feeling happier :)
  • More confidence in your long-term health
Decide to Begin.png

How are you getting me to day 30?

"Is this some sort of gimmicky new diet?"

NO. No Ketogenic, Intermittent Fasting -- not even Paleo is involved here.  

And in case you're wondering this too:

NO up-sells for supplements, shakes, or 400-calorie frozen meals-to-your-door either.


  • The reason eating whole foods makes us leaner and healthier than processed foods.
  • A review on fats: the types and benefits of each kind, and a ranking of ‘best’ to ‘worst.’
  • Exactly how to menu plan, write up your grocery list, and meal & snack prep for a winning week.
  • Many simple recipes to add variety to your eating plan.

Here are Twelve More examples of resources you will receive

this not that.jpg

My 10 Top healthy food blogs that make eating well easier [Day 4/30].

Healthy snack ‘recipes,’ so you don’t graze on junk food when you’re hungry.

The thing about leafy greens.

Meal planning templates & checklists.

How to identify food triggers that are (subconsciously) pushing you off track.

34 Healthy breakfasts for busy morning, so you can start the day with a bang.

How to use herbs & spices to power up your food and make them taste amazing.

Delicious dishes using different grains.

Why I’m deadly serious about avoiding sugar, and what’s not so great about white flour.

How to strike a happy medium with your diet so you stay on track forever.

Morning Routines to improve your entire day.

Why switching salt has amazing health benefits.


are you pumped!? Here's how the 30-Day Reset works.

1. Sign up at the link below.

2. Beginning January 20, you will receive the first of 30 small, bite-sized lessons, & drip fed daily.

3. Your job is to read and follow each day's lesson. For example, Day 4 focuses calls to "cut out all sugar-sweetened and sugar-substitute beverages." You would then stop consuming anything that qualifies, and possibly to decide to try substitute suggestions for the remainder of the reset.

Not every day requires action from you. Sometimes the lesson is simply a resource, such as in Day 9, "What you need to know about leafy greens." Within that lesson you will receive a list of creative ways to add more leafy greens to your food.

4. Follow along with each day's lesson, gradually modifying each part of your diet and habits. 

5. By Day 30 you should feel renewed and on your way to sustaining a method of eating that feels neither depriving nor difficult. At that point you will receive guidance about how to find balance between eating super-duper "clean" and the way we were eating & imbibing on December 25th. 

6. Homegrown Fit members: you will have the opportunity to chat within the group each day about any of the week’s lessons, and how it’s going for you.