Core Training Day EIGHT!

We're in Rainbows Today!

You're gonna just have to follow along with the video in order to find out what that means (haha!).

Prone Rainbows

Glute Bridge Marches

Bicycle Crunch

Double Crunch


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Day 6: Finally hitting our Six-Pack!

Wow, I cannot WAIT to see how far we've come from Day 1! That's why I'll be asking you to record your work on tomorrow's workout. Until then, enjoy today's training session. 

3 Rounds

10 Sea Turtles

20 Cross-over Toe Touches (10/side)

20 RKC Plank Hip Dips (10/side)



Super Sunday Day 5 of 29, Hello Hollow!

Today is super-duper Sunday, and "intro to Hollow Holds"! 

And, ta-da, the calendar is coming together.

Week 1: building a base

Week 2: Add hollow body position, end-range flexion/extension, & 3-point planks

Week 3: Add Hanging leg lifts, arm balances

Week 4: The Whole SheBang





Day 4! PLANK EXTRAVAGANZA And Building a Base

Here we are -- it's Sunday, 5 PM. I have napped, showered, and am about to start on a cocktail. Those are all examples of how NOT to schedule in your training (they are the anti-schedule)!  

Today we're working on building that static core strength with planks all the way around. It's not glamorous, but it is necessary to get to the really good stuff. 

It's a simple recipe:

30 second plank per side on all 4 sides, repeat twice.