okay Here's the Deal.

I am 100% satisfied with whoever you are right now. I hope you already feel the same about yourself too. 


Perhaps you're feeling a bit bogged down with life or the routine of your current situation. Or just STUCK! The cool thing about exercise is that it's a Keystone Habit. That means that it may be the thing you need to become un-stuck. What happens when you do something you didn't think you could do? RIGHT! It inspires you and catapults you to the next little hurdle. 

Maybe you're interested in getting your next big goal conquered (begin a daily walk habit, learn to do a handstand, start a mindfulness practice). This goal creation worksheet can help. 

Or you're not feeling the confidence you need to make a change? This has been a theme in my life. So, maybe it's not that odd for a person to lose their way every once in a while. I've talked about it before. 

Maybe while you're here you can pick up some inspiration, guidance, a training buddy, or some good workout moves! 

you think we have nothing in common?


YES we do! Sure, I am into feeling amazing from moving my body and you will soon have the same feeling. 

No, but really! People change all the time. But it's tough. 

I've truly felt that nagging feeling that you may be experiencing right now.

  • I have felt lousy about my body when it's not functioning on all cylinders, or it's thicker than I want it to be. I am familiar with having more things to do than there are hours in the day. 
  • I have slid down the slippery slope of treating myself multiple times per day, skimping on sleep, and relying on caffeine to get me through. Have you? 
  • I've cycled through struggles with my inner strength to go forward with something scary, new, or potentially painful. 

Maybe you're wondering, right about now, "What's exercise got to do with MY needs?!" Well, exercise is what's come to be understood as a "Keystone Habit." If you can gain a consistent exercise routine, other parts of your life follow: you will crave healthier food that will make your workout feel better. Your mood will improve, and you'll have more energy, allowing you to build better relationships, do more of what you love to do, and not feel 'out of it' every afternoon. You will gain confidence in other parts of your life. You will be living a better life!

Whatever it is that ties us together, I feel that I also have the tools to help you tackle your idea, goal, or intention! I'm here to ask you questions, help you come up with a plan, and hold you accountable. My first question to you is, are you ready to do the work?

Here's The Bottom Line

Hearts Anne.JPG

I love to move. And like anybody I have a lot on my plate.  But still I find time to challenge myself and move in some way every day. Why? It energizes me to my soul

I love to find the edge of my abilities, and to be playful in my daily movement (because we're all just really kids in grown-up's bodies, right?).
This definitely shows up in my 'real' life. As a busy mom of two 21st century-born girls, I strive to put adventure and movement into every day.

We ride bikes to school, take weekend hikes, play at the playground together (yes, I am on the monkey bars and slides, playing shark tag too). We do our fair share of cooking from scratch, going to bed early, and getting together with friends. This lifestyle pairs well with my 18+ years of experience in the health & fitness field, with the help of two degrees, and two certifications. 

I want to help bring that kind of love to your life -- no matter what that love is. Let's identify it, cultivate it, and watch it grow. 

Because the ability to set off on any adventure you please at the drop of a hat is priceless! I would be willing to bet a bunch that you can accomplish whatever you desire, with a little planning and a little follow through.

WE can do that, right?