Are you feeling any of these symptoms?

Run down, out of energy

Not feeling good in your workouts

Having trouble falling asleep and waking up

Not losing body fat or feeling stuck with your body composition goals


this 30-day Reset is for you!

Sign up and you will:

  • Receive a Handbook to help start your personal goal setting and planning process.

  • Get a sample meal plan with grocery lists plus tons of awesome recipes.

  • Learn to create a routine of planning: from menu to ingredients to meal prep, to setting reminders for other good health practices.

  • You don’t need a Food Goal to play along: take the option to set intentions around the non-food-related parts of your daily health practices that really need your attention. (Maybe you want to work on getting to bed on time, or set a plan to get daily movement outside of your workouts. Let’s figure that out and stay with it!)

  • Receive tri-weekly email lessons and a personal weekly check-in email, for opportunity to ask questions and discuss your progress.

  • Be invited to the kick-off seminar on Saturday, January 5th @ 9 AM.

  • Receive weight, BMI, measurements, and pics before and after.

THE NUTRITION: No diet dogma here. This Nutrition Reset will draw from these dietary tenets -

  • Eating most micronutrient-dense, whole foods we can find.

  • Get ENOUGH of those foods that we feel satiated and not underfed + deprived.

  • As a result, turn focus away from processed, junk food-like, highly palatable foods.

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How Good Will I Feel in 30 Days?

Of course, it sort of depends on where you're starting.

Chances are you've gotten this far because you are at least a little sure that you can do better, and it will lead to you feeling (even) better, right?

So if your guilty pleasure is eating McDonald's three times per week, or if you feel like you eat really well all the time but aren't feeling or looking the way you expect, this Reset is for you.


  • More energy

  • Leaner

  • More confident

  • Getting more from your workouts

  • Feeling happier and healthier

Decide to Begin.png

How are you getting me to day 30?

"Is this some sort of gimmicky new diet?"

NO. No Ketogenic, Intermittent Fasting -- not even Paleo is involved here.  

And in case you're wondering this too:

NO up-sells for supplements, shakes, or 400-calorie frozen meals-to-your-door either.


  • The reason eating whole foods makes us leaner and healthier than processed foods.

  • A review on fats: the types and benefits of each kind, and a ranking of ‘best’ to ‘worst.’

  • Exactly how to menu plan, write up your grocery list, and meal & snack prep for a winning week.

  • Many simple recipes to add variety to your eating plan.

Reset is open to all: members and non-members

Space is limited to 20 people

Cost is $75.00 Per Person


Here are Twelve More examples of resources you will receive

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Exercises like: design your own good health pyramid. What elements make your base?

Ways to help you get high quality sleep.

The thing about leafy greens.

Meal planning templates & checklists.

Morning Routines to improve your entire day.

How to identify food triggers that are (subconsciously) pushing you off track.

Healthy breakfasts for busy morning, so you can start the day with a bang.

Ways to add a mindfulness exercise into your day that you will actually commit to doing!

Delicious dishes using different grains.

What it feels like to truly be “off sugar” plus the bennies of doing so.

Why you might consider sneaking in intentional movement throughout the day.


are you pumped!? Here's how the 30-Day Reset works.

1. Sign up at the link below.

2. Come to the Kick-off on January 5, at HGF Headqarters (4330 NE 37th Ave Portland, OR) at 9:00 AM. Here you’ll get your guide, an overview and opportunity to ask questions, as well as get your ‘before’ pic and measurements. *For those who cannot attend, we will record this event.*

2. Sunday January 6 is the day you can begin changing the way you eat. You will begin to receive the first of 30 bite-sized daily emails that will reinforce the guide you receive on Jan. 5.

These are simply a reinforcement to the information provided in your guide. For example, Day 4 reminds us why we are not consuming sugar-sweetened and sugar-substitute beverages.

4. As time progresses, you will find habits that work to ensure your success. 

5. By Day 30 you should feel renewed and on your way to sustaining a method of eating that feels neither depriving nor difficult. At that point you will receive guidance about how to find balance between eating super-duper "clean" and the way we were eating & imbibing on December 25th. 

6. Weekly meetings: you will have the opportunity to chat within the group every Saturday at 9AM @ HGF Headquarters, about any of the week’s lessons, and how it’s going for you.

Pricing: $75 per person