Three Sixteen-Minute Vacation Workouts

Vacations are for relaxing, enjoying yourself, and generally treating yourself at most turns. This works out fine... until you enter Vacation Season. If your days spent moving start being surpassed by your days spent vacationing, it may be time to squeeze in a quick workout. Behold, the 16-minute travel training workouts!

Equipment: A CLOCK. Use an analog clock that has a second hand, set your stopwatch timer to reset at 1:00, or set a downloaded a Tabata or HIT Timer App.


The Heart Stopper

A 14-minute EMOM, with alternating exercises

Even Minutes: 5-10 Chest to Deck Burpees 

Odd Minutes: Alternating Prisoner Back Lunges

Finisher: 2+ - Minute Plank!


Stronger Tomorrow

16-minute strength workout.

Set a timer to beep once per minute. Move through the list of 4 exercises, doing each for 1 minute apiece, for four 4-minute rounds. Count your total reps for Squats + Push-up + Sit=ups + Pulls. In each round, attempt to beat or equal your total reps done in round one.

Pistol Squats (or feet together), alternating

Push-up + T-stand (AKA side plank) 


Pulls (Pull-ups, body rows, sea turtles)


Tens (16-minute AMRAP)

Complete 10 reps of each movement on the list. When you get to the bottom of the list, continue from the top, not stopping until 16 minutes is up. Count how many times you can get through the list before time runs out. If you're still confused, google the acronym AMRAP. 

1. L-Sit to Table

2. Right Leg, Single Leg Dead Lift to Knee lift (SLDL to KL)

3. Right Leg, Curtsey Lunge + Side kick

4 Left Leg, SLDL to KL

5. Left Leg, CurtseyLunge + Side Kick

6. Push-Up + Jack

7. Speed Skates