August is THRIVE not Slack MONTH: CORE DAY 2

Day 2: How are you feeling after your 22 push-ups? Annoyed? 

Don't fret, this is going somewhere, really!

Tomorrow I will be sharing my vision through the end of the month, with visual aides, on Facebook Live. 

If you'd like to join me for Facebook Live workouts, head over to the Home Grown Muscle Facebook page and find the latest live post in the feed. Then tap the "Follow" button on live videos and videos that were broadcast live at an earlier time to opt-in for being notified each time we go live for a workout.

Today's Workout: We've got some anti-rotation movements plus some rotation movements for you (which engage your obliques, transverse abs, glutes, back deep stabilizers, lats and traps, and diaphragm)! Let's get to it!

Image courtesy of SeaSaw Signs

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