Core Training Day 1: 22 Push-ups

You guys, I'm pretty wang-dang excited!

Today we are kicking off our August Core Training month with a creep + an opportunity to share awareness. 

Creeping start: I am feeling exhausted from my 7-day, 430-mile bike ride last week. And I know you can empathize, so today, just push-ups*. IF you've got more in you, by all means do more. :)

Create Awareness: I was nominated for the 22-days of 22 push-up challenge to help raise awareness of our US veteran PTSD suicide rate of 22 per day. For the next 22 days, I will do 22 push-ups and nominate someone -- maybe one of you -- to join me in doing your own set of 22.

"Take the time to reach out to a veteran you know today. And if you're a veteran who's struggling, call 1-800-273-8255."

If you'd like to follow along with my push-up challenge progress, visit my personal Facebook or Instagram pages. 

*Push-ups for core training? Of course it counts as core work! If you're doing a 'good' push-up, you should have your glutes, back, and abs turned on (in addition to pretty much all the other muscles in your body). The only argument I'll take against push-ups being a core exercise is that it's actually a full-body exercise. Touche. 



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