SLACK OR THRIVE: What are you doing with your August?


While everybody else will be sleeping in, slurping ice cream, and otherwise compromising their wellness principals (AKA slacking for the sake of summer), WE will be getting a huge leg up our Back to School, back to busy-ness Autumn lifestyle! 

Remember what September's like? After-school activities, only three months till Christmas, daylight-losing time!?

Yeah that September.

So let's Carpe Diem, okay? That means we are choosing to thrive! If you do each day of core training with me, by September 1st you will be more efficient at pretty much everything your physical life demands of you, and therefore have more emotional resilience, lowered injury risk, less stress, and feel more alive and awake! 

Aside from that, this challenge is:

  • Free of charge
  • MUCH better designed than any other 21-30 day core challenge I've discovered online. We will train all layers of our abdominal wall, as well as the back, glutes, pelvic floor -- did I leave anything out?
  • Quick. We'll spend less than 10 minutes, and normally more like 4-5 minutes on our training. 
  • Going to give you results! 

If you'd like to join me in my daily core training (10 minutes or less, always!), there are three ways to do so:

Facebook Users: Visit the Home Grown Muscle Facebook page and click "Follow" on the latest Facebook Live video post. You will be notified each time I broadcast that day's training. You can also go to the Home Grown Muscle page any time you want, scroll to the latest post, and click play.

Web Page: Check out each day's workout right here at the HGF Blog. 

Local PDX Members: Come train at the park with your tribe each morning

Can't wait to work out with you!