Four Sensible Reasons to GET A STRONGER CORE


Last month my back hurt so bad, that to drop the pain to a dull ache, I had to brace like ROCKY was about to punch me before doing any kind of squat. Long story short, I'm now working on a few extra things throughout my training day, including my core strength. I've made a quick list of a few signs that you may want to consider adding some extra core training to your regimen.

1. Your back hurts (a) regularly, or (b) after workouts. Often times back pain not simple to rid yourself of. Tightly wound deep hip flexors, weak core muscles, and squashed glutes can each contribute to pain. Long bouts of sitting on chairs can deepen this problem but exercise may challenge your body's dysfuction beyond it's current limits. 

2. A 'Less-than' Performance Feedback: You may want to strengthen you core if you aren't able to hold a plank for more than 1-2 minutes, or this Leg Lowering test is not to your high personal standard (image by

3. Trouble with balance. Try this test: With your eyes closed and hands on hips, pretend you're standing on a tight rope with your dominant food in front, it's heel touching the toe of your non-dominant foot. You should be able to hold that position for 20 seconds without moving, on both hard ground and something soft like a rolled up towel. 

4. You just feel weak, and want to have a tighter, leaner middle! Truth is your core is the connecting between all extremities working together. If you are leaking power in your core during your workouts, the value of your workout declines.
If you look in the mirror with self-love but want to feel even BETTER when you wake up every morning, maybe you want to challenge yourself to work on your core strength! It can help you feel so powerful and confident!


Anne Koski