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90 Minutes of Fun and games *

Wednesdays This Summer

August 3 -  Aug. 31, 5:00 - 6:30 PM


Wilshire Park

NE 35th Place & NE Skidmore 


 Each 5-week session: $75


Not for children’s ears

In between playing, your child will be slyly introduced to the following concepts:

yoga kidsczmp.jpg

Proper Body Alignment (posture)

Fundamental Movement Patterns

Stretching & Mobility Work

Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Yoga & Sitting Still (like a frog)

Learning the basics of the practices listed above can give kids the opportunity to move through their lives, free of pain.

Why not start now!?

Camp Dates: August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


Second Child: $50/session, Third Child: $40/session

A Sample Day

(Clock times reflect Session One mini-camp, but the general outline can be applied to both sessions).

5:20 Kids can be dropped off/checked in.

5:30 PM Warm-up Game (mirror drill, rob the nest, mini-scavenger hunt, for example)

5:40 Yoga + Alignment Intro

5:45 Games, games, games! Activities will range between individual challenges, teamwork events, and two-team challenges. We'll practice the movements involved before starting a game.

6:15 Water break & Introduction to individual work.

6:25 Free Play time. This is the point where kids get to CHOOSE what they want to do (which is always a hit at my house), from playground play, obstacle course building & testing, to dance-offs. 

6:40 Grand Finale Game! This will vary weekly, but we're making it our goal to make this the part of camp you hear about if your kid only says one thing when responding to "how was camp?".

6:50 Foam Rolling + Stretching

7:00 Huddle Break



Wilshire Park is located in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood, and is easily accessible from Sabin, Concordia, Cully, an Rose City neighborhoods. 


How big will the mini-camp be? 

KIDSCAMP water balloons.jpg

We cap entry at 14 kids. There will be a anticipated ratio of 7:1, kids to adults. 

What ages are welcome?

We feel that the age range of 6-10 will be ideal for the activities we have planned. For more physically challenging activities, we will set up an "Under age 8" version. For activities that have potential risk for collision, we will split the groups up by age or body size (AKA impact value).

Can I drop my kid off or do I need to stick around?

This is a drop off camp! After your child is checked in, feel free to go do your own workout, run an errand, bake cookies for the camp kids, take a bubble bath, or anything else you want to do! Drop-off begins 10 minutes before camp, and pick-up ends 10 minutes after camp ends. Your child can be picked up by anyone on your "approved pick-up people" list created at registration time.

How does signing up work? 

You will first fill out a registration form for your child(ren) followed by reserving their spot(s) with a payment in full. 

You will have the opportunity to sign your child up for Session One or Session Two (or both, but you'll have to go through the registration process twice -- sorry!). You can also sign up multiple children for the same session at once.

We're out of town for a couple of the dates during our chosen 5-week session. What can we do?

We get it; summer is vacation time! As in, "go out of town" time. We understand that offering a once weekly activity during the summer makes it tougher to attend 100% of the 5 sessions you signed your kid up for.

Here's what we can offer you: one "flex date," or opportunity to make up for the day your kiddo will miss during the session they signed up for. The only catch is that we need to schedule their flex date by Week 1 of the June/July camp. There is a place on the registration form to do so. 


Who runs this gig anyway?

Hi, I'm Coach Anne!

I have almost two decades of experience training people through fun, game-ified workouts while covertly helping them move better and get healthier. 

I also have eight years of parenting experience, and I've passes the Portland Public Schools background check within the past 3 years. 

How hard could 14 kids for 90 minutes a week be??!

And I'm Coach Mary!

As a practitioner of yoga, physical fitness, and alternative healing for fifteen years, I have acquired a wide array of knowledge in various yogic, health and wellness modalities. The most concentrated portion of my studies took place at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA, where I worked, lived, practiced and studied for two years under the guidance of their most senior teachers and visiting teachers from around the world. I am continuously inspired by the depth of learning and unfolding that yoga and dynamic movement offer my life. I use this ever evolving awareness as a guiding force to teach from and live by.

I am continuously learning and seeking out new traditions of yoga, meditation, alternative health and physical fun. My mission is to guide students of all levels through an energetic, playful and transformative yoga and fitness class geared towards their goals and needs supported by self-inquiry, relaxation and healing.  Becoming a Mother, my approach to fitness and physical activity has taken a new shape in my life to incorporate how younger people interact with their world through touch and play.  It is inspiring to watch and as the years continue I know interacting with my children will create an opportunity growth for my own personal practice as well as my teaching.

You can find Mary on Social Media at @yogafiedsoul

That last picture convinced you, right? Click below to sign up, or email me to chat some more.