Hi, I'm Anne Koski. I run Homegrown Fit, and a pretty darn energetic and adventurous family to boot!

The core of my passion lies in helping clients learn to enjoy the feeling and challenge of moving their body through space. I think we all should be able to go for a bike ride with our family, or summit a mountain while on vacation, or even sign up and finish an epic road race and not cancel last-minute, quit halfway through, or end up injured as a result.

I love to move!

I do love to move. And like anybody I have a lot on my plate.  But still I find time to challenge myself and move in some way every day. Why? It energizes me to my soul.

I love to find the edge of my abilities, and to be playful in my daily movement (because we're all just really kids in grown-up's bodies, right?).
This definitely shows up in my 'real' life. As a busy mom of two 21st century-born girls, I strive to put adventure and movement into every day.

We ride bikes to school, take weekend hikes, play at the playground together (yes, I am on the monkey bars and slides, playing shark tag too).

We do our fair share of cooking from scratch, going to bed early, and getting together with friends. This lifestyle pairs well with my 20+ years of experience in the health & fitness field, with the help of two degrees, and two certifications. 

I want to help bring that kind of love to your life -- no matter what that love is. Let's identify it, cultivate it, and watch it grow. 

Because the ability to set off on any adventure you please at the drop of a hat is priceless! I would be willing to bet a bunch that you can accomplish whatever you desire, with a little planning and a little follow through.

WE can do that, right?

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Mary Wagstaff

Teaches Yoga Fridays

As a practitioner of yoga, physical fitness, and alternative healing for fifteen years, Mary has acquired a wide array of knowledge in various yogic, health and wellness modalities. The most concentrated portion of her studies took place at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA, where she worked, lived, practiced and studied for two years under the guidance of their most senior teachers and visiting teachers from around the world. She is continuously inspired by the depth of learning and unfolding that yoga and dynamic movement offer my life. She uses this ever evolving awareness as a guiding force to teach from and live by.

Mary strives to find learning opportunities and seek out new traditions of yoga, meditation, alternative health and physical fun. Her mission is to guide students of all levels through an energetic, playful and transformative yoga and fitness class geared towards their goals and needs supported by self-inquiry, relaxation and healing.  Becoming a mother, her approach to fitness and physical activity has taken a new shape in Mary's life to incorporate how younger people interact with their world through touch and play.  It is inspiring to watch and as the years continue she knows interacting with my children will create an opportunity growth for her own personal practice as well as her teaching.

You can find Mary on Social Media at @yogafiedsoul