Summer with our families is fun! 

More family time. Trips to Grandma & Grandpa's house. Picnics, swimming, block parties!

But it can also be sorta hectic. Many parents set their routines aside for the summer in order to maximize fun (and facilitate kid disputes, pack, unpack, make meals, host visitors, take trips). 

But now school getting back in session. This is the time to re-establish your personal care habits.


Homegrown Fit can help you wrangle that

Joining Homegrown Fit is definitely not like owning a big box gym membership! We give you a leg up in many ways. Including:

- 20-minute Initial Consult

- A "try-it-out" workout plus TWO WEEKS of free workouts!

- Help with mapping where you see yourself in six months

- A whole-body, balanced workout program that isn't built to punish but to build resilience

- A training schedule that puts you first (on the clock).

- Small groups: 5-12 people per workout.

- Energy, energy, energy! Seriously, it's counter-intuitive but exercising gives you stamina to make it to the end of the day, and helps you sleep better.

- A small gang of fun, welcoming, non-judgy regular people just like you.


Are you ready to try it out?