Here We Are


Small Group Workouts Meet:

Bethany Lutheran Church/Community Center

4330 NE 37th Ave, 97212


We meet in the BLC basement. It's entrance is on the Southeast side of the building, next to the parking lot.

From the Skidmore Sidewalk, locate rust-colored railings between the church lawn and it's parking lot.

Between railings, a concrete sidewalk ramp will take you to the exterior basement entrance, which is a white metal windowless door. Workouts are held just inside those doors.

Classes are held in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood, and are easily accessed by those living in the Sabin, Alameda, Irvington, Concordia, and Rose City Park neighborhoods.

What Is Homegrown Fit?

which of these training methods have you unsuccessfully attempted? 

  • Basement Training. Or back yard, or living room… you name it. HOME. Your need to take care of yourself mixes with everybody else's needs on a regular basis, and unfortunately usually urgent wins over important.

  • Joining Globo Gyms. First come first serve classes that fill at 80 participants, abusively high-intensity group exercise classes, and in the main gym: potentially useful equipment. And often the staff only knows and speaks to 'the regulars' or their own clients, which could cause someone's training to feel socially isolating and discouraging. 

  • Pretty Much Just Jogging. No strength, technique practice, core, sprinting. Maybe some foam rolling. Many of us can live like that for a few years until ever-so-gradually becoming dysfunctional - slash - injured. Running without a strength and "prehab" component to your workouts inadvertently create weakness and eventually injuries.

  • On top of that, steady state cardio loses it’s punch fairly quickly, which can create frustration if your goal is fat loss. Adding insult to injury, we build minimal strength with running, creating that not cool "naked runner” look: Flat butt + undefined musculature.

  • The "Work out after the kids are in bed" plan. Parents who have tried this, I commend you for even attempting it! But let’s admit to ourselves, what works for Olympic athletes may not work for us. Difficulty falling asleep, AM fatigue, digesting dinner/skipping dinner and eating right before bed… Just, no. Not to mention all the “emergencies” that interrupt those workouts.

  • Crazy food fixes/Deprivation Diets. AKA, "I’m going to work out like mad and eat 1000 calories per day!" Again, this really bad method works really great for a long enough time for us to think it’ll work forever.

    The sad truth is that this method is extremely damaging to our body’s system that regulates energy usage, and can take months if not years to slowly reverse this damage.

The point is that life is a constant juggle, and we all need to figure out an efficient and effective way to squeeze in our needs.


We offer asylum. Homegrown Fit is the place to stop thinking about all your duties but the one you came to accomplish. This is your place to work on your one and only body. Without distractions. Without unfolded laundry staring at you. Without dealing with any of those quirky "gym personalities." 

You won't be just a number. We will know your name. And your loved ones' names. And eventually your favorite food and where you like to vacation. You'll get individual attention and personalized workout modifications from your trainers, Anne and Mary, as well as a motivation boost from your training comrades.

Just show up. Your training programming is taken care of for you. 
Designed in 4-12 week focus plans and presented in monthly blocks, our overlying goal is to get fit by working smart. We combine several components of training to strengthen every energy system and avoid injury. A typical training month will offer 3-4 sessions of each: conditioning, global and core strength, prehab (staying uninjured), and cross training. 

Get it done first. If you are a busy-busy person who keeps going until the sun is well below the horizon, and can't find the time for regular exercise, it's time to get up and spend a bit of time just working on yourself.

C'mon, you really owe it to yourself. Yes, a 5:30 AM workout is early (we also have 9:30 AM classes), but if you're struggling to find time to focus on yourself, you're going to have to create that time. Sure, it's an adjustment, but the return on investment is huge. Just ask my current and former clients. 

Come learn about healthful eating. I bet you eat pretty healthy already or else you wouldn't have read all the way to here. So why not strengthen your food knowledge some more. We aren't crazy foodies, and we don't follow any dogmatic eating styles here. I encourage clients to follow the most whole foods diet that works for them.

We hold discussions about food, eating behavior, and body image. We share recipe ideas and trade lunches regularly.

We hold accountability challenges periodically. We also meet for dinner or brunch out at a real-food restaurant. 


I was thinking I'd get in shape before I start attending
Getting active again can be a tricky thing. It's easy to do too much and get burned out or injured. Let us handle that part. Workouts are designed with balance, so that you gain strength, lose body fat, and never hit the wall.

I’m sorta competitive. Will I fit in? 
Then this is the place for you! We encourage some good light-hearted cut throat competitiveness. At Homegrown Fit, you do not need to hold back in order to fit in, because everybody there will be working just as hard as you!   

Okay, and I also like to have fun.
It is possible to have fun and challenge yourself and the people around you. And so that's our modus operandi: have fun, play hard, and incidentally get stronger, leaner, and more energized in the process. Here is a clip of one of our "workouts."

Do we need to supply our own equipment?
If you're really hard core, the most you'll need is a water bottle. Outdoor friendly yoga mats are very useful, but we also stock some that are gently used. We supply the other gear, like dumbbells, bands, jump ropes, heavy ropes, medicine balls, etc..)

Do I have to sign up for months at a time?

We offer a 3, 6, or 12-month commitment plan, with a first month money-back guarantee if our program doesn’t jive with your needs like you anticipated. 

How do I sign up? 

Click the button below to set up the following complimentary services: 

  1. A 30-minute appointment to discuss your goals, why they’re important to you, and what has and has not worked for you in the past.

  2. We will work through a few key movements in order to ferret out any latent injury risk or muscle imbalances that could keep you from pursuing your training and moving without pain.

  3. Invitation to a free 60-minute group class! Get to know the gang and have an opportunity to see how our workouts flow at Homegrown Fit.

  4. If everything jives, we’ll talk about how you can get integrated into the program!